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STEMpowered Women of

Science and Technology

Angelyn Mercado

Underwater Robotics Researcher

Angelyn loves robotics. She led a team of Japanese and Korean students who won second place at the 2017 Okinawa Open Sea competition. Her team’s robot was able to accomplish a path across the Okinawa Sea with unstable current. She aims to design robots for underwater rescue.

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Dr. Jacqui Romero

Quantum Physicist

Jacqui is a multi-awarded physicist who is working on quantum information using the shape of particles of light or photons. She has made it easier to encode information in a photon’s shape. Her work could lead to reliable and secure communication and help conserve data privacy.

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Maxine Elpa

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Maxine loves the science of food. As a quality assurance supervisor, Maxine thinks of creative ways to implement food standards and empowers her team to keep up with new trends in food manufacturing. She plans to expand her horizons and make an impact in the food industry.

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Kline Serato


Kline is a dentist and teacher. She pursued a career in the health and sciences to help provide for her family, and to advocate for oral health education. She is passionate about giving back through dental missions for Filipinos without access to quality dental care.

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Mikaela Fudolig

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mikaela started college at the age of 11, and graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Physics degree at 16. The former child prodigy earned her master’s and Ph.D. shortly after graduation, and taught at the UP Institute of Physics. She says STEM develops her thirst for learning.

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Chona Camille Abeledo

Molecular Biologist

Chona is a molecular biologist who develops practical technologies to help farmers and fishermen maximize yield and improve their resource use. She and her team also use population genetics and has worked on abaca, fish, corals, crabs, giant clams, coffee, and cacao.

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Erika Fille Legara

Data Scientist

Erika designs and leads the first data science graduate program in the Philippines. For five years, she worked as a scientist at the Singapore government’s Agency of Science, Technology, and Research. She loves to look for patterns in data and uses them to build theories and models.

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Kami Navarro

Science Communicator

Kami took up Master of Science Communication at the Australian National University. She is among 100 young Leaders of Tomorrow chosen for the GapSummit 2019. At the summit, she will engage with world class speakers in the life sciences to take on challenges in the bio-economy.

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Aletta Yniguez

Marine Scientist and Teacher

As a scientist, Aletta is fascinated with phytoplankton and marine ecosystems. She uses computer models to better understand the organism's behavior with the environment. Her virtual labs help her develop early warning systems for harmful algal blooms or red tides.

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Reina Reyes

Astrophysicist and Data Scientist

Reina is an astrophysicist who astounded scientists all over the world when she proved that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity applies even in galaxies outside the solar system. The data scientist and teacher is passionate about exposing the youth to STEM role models and careers.

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STEMpowered Women of

Engineering and Math

Brigitte Lim

Solar Energy Engineer

Brigitte is very passionate about solar energy. She and three Filipino teammates won the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Prize in 2017 for their solar project. They train people to maintain solar energy systems in barangays and give them formal jobs.

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Josephine Santiago-Bond

Head, NASA’s Advanced Engineering Development Branch

Josephine is head of the Advanced Engineering Development Branch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Working with NASA since 2003, she is grateful for opportunities to grow as a leader and to give back to society through her job.

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Elgelyn Bardelosa

Electrical Engineer

Elgelyn loves learning more about electricity while at work. She pursued Electrical Engineering with a scholarship from the DOST-SEI. She says being in a field dominated by men challenged her to fight for her place as a woman. She dreams of mentoring aspiring engineers.

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